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“Revealed! The Interactive Scene Technology that Makes Illustrating Your Own Books EVEN Easier!”
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RE: A Faster, Easier Way to Illustrate Your Books...

Imagine being able to EASILY create amazing illustrations for the children's books you've written (or wanted to write), for the greeting cards you always wanted to design or for the posters, mugs and t-shirts ideas you have wanted to bring to life! 

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It seems that nearly everyone I talk with have had the SAME hangup...ILLUSTRATIONS! And over the past few years, I've shared many easy-to-follow ways to create professional-looking book illustrations. My goal was to make the process easy enough that nearly anyone could enjoy success using the step-by-step methods I taught. 

We've explored using miniatures, 3D worlds, illustration assets, photo composites, vector art and much more. I honestly believed we had covered every method imaginable!
“And then I made a discovery that changed everything!”

Here's what happened and how it impacts YOU...

While planning to shoot photos for my 2018 Toys365 photo series, I had the PERFECT idea for a photo but needed specific “locations” to pull them off. It's frustrating when you really WANT to create a photo illustration and have no way to make it happen! 

So I got creative. 

For example, I realized that if I used printed photos from my laser printer of the sky or a brick wall in the photo I was taking, you COULDN'T TELL it was just a flat piece of paper behind the toy I was photographing.

That discovery led to much more experimenting. And THAT is when I realized I HAD to share my results with YOU. I didn't set out to make the illustration process EVEN EASIER, but that's exactly what happened!

Here are a few of those early experiments from my Toys365 photo series.
In BOTH photos, the walls, floors and backgrounds are just printed, flat paper! I think you'll agree that the scenes look MUCH more detailed and complex than they are. I realized that by simply using printed backgrounds, it would save me a LOT of time for setup and teardown but I would also still have the HUGE benefit and photographing the scenes from multiple angles and distances.

Those “experiments” led to more MAJOR ah-ha's which I quickly tested. Here are a few of those test images.
In the left photo, only the character and the chair are “real,” everything else in the scene is printed paper. On the right, only the CAR is “real.” Everything else in the scene is printed paper! (BTW...the car photo was shot with my iPhone on our kitchen counter.)
“Can you SEE the power of this approach?”

This new discovery is so important because it opens the door for you to create fresh, new illustrations using SIMPLE methods ANYONE can do...and that's why I'd love to have you join me. I truly want to see what YOU can do with this new illustration creation method!

As you would imagine (if you know me AT ALL), I have tested the daylights out of this process and have figured out how to take it FAR beyond what you see here. And rather than keep these cool discoveries to myself, I've decided to reveal ALL in a brand-new training called “POP Scenes Art!” 
POP Scenes Art!

In this brand-new, 4-Module game-changing training, I will be sharing... 
  • The Best Resources for Making Your Own POP Scenes in Nearly ANY Genre!
  • Where to Locate Commercially-Available Solutions You Can Use Right Off the Shelf! 
  • How to EASILY Create Your Own POP Scene Elements Using Easy-to-Find Public Domain Resources.
  • Working With the Best Scales for Your POP Scenes.
  • Using Existing FREE Resources as Building Blocks for Your Book Illustrations.
  • Templates You Can Use Over and Over Again to Build or Recreate Nearly ANY Scene.
  • The Best Methods to Use When Photographing Your POP Scenes.
  • And MUCH More!
“Imagine Being Able to Finally Create Nearly ANY Scene...
Real or Fantasy...in a Matter of Moments!”
This Is All-New Training Presented by Tony for the First Time Ever...
No One Else Is Teaching This!

Here are a couple more fun illustrations from my Toys365 series using these new strategies!
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  • BONUS - Deep Dive: Watercolor Painting Insights
  • BONUS - Deep Dive: Spektral Art
  • BONUS - Deep Dive: Jixi Pix Impresso Pro
  • BONUS - Deep Dive: Photo Donut
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